Summertime means different things to different folks but most of us equate it with warm weather and pleasant pastimes.

golf at Mt Shasta

Golfing at Mt Shasta

For me summer pastimes means hiking, golfing, kayaking and getting my vegetable garden humming.

Living in northern California it is easy to pursue these activities. Mountains, rivers, lakes and beaches are all just a short drive away.

Exploring other parts of the world, when it’s summertime there, is also high on our list. We believe life is an adventure and is meant to be enjoyed.

Trail Blazing

Northern California has a diverse terrain to explore; from an incredibly beautiful coastline to the many trails waiting to be hiked in the mountains to the east. The hard part becomes “Which one first?’

Majestic Coast Redwoods line the Pacific coast from Monterey, California to Brookings, Oregon.  The combination of these towering trees on the cliffs above the shoreline and sea stacks, that were once a part of the headland rock, jutting from the waters of the Pacific is something one never tires of seeing. There are many coastal trails within this region with breathtaking views. Patrick’s Point State Park is one of them.

On the Green

Golfing is an obsession with many folks and my husband is definitely one of them. Although I enjoy the sport, the pleasure I take from the game comes no where close to his. He can be found on the links most everyday of the year – rain or shine. When we travel by car we always end the days drive near a public golf course.

We have played courses in many states and compare the courses for their general surrounding and beauty of the course, the conditions of the grounds,  the knowledge and friendliness of the staff and the diversity of the holes (we played one course in Texas where the fairways were lined up like the isles in a super market – it was difficult to know which hole you were on).

Getting Wet

White water rafting, Hell's Hole Trinity River, California

Running Hell’s Hole on the Trinity River

Kayaking can either be a calming experience or an exhilarating ride depending on the river you choose to travel or lake you choose to traverse. Each has their particular benefits, it just depends on your mood and the type experience you are looking for.  Northern California has many rivers and lakes in which to ‘get wet’.

Snorkeling isn’t something we do here in our immediate surroundings, but it is a passion of ours. When we plan a vacation out of the country, one of the requirements is that there be a great area for snorkeling. Mexico and Central America are our favorite destinations.

In the Garden

Vegetable gardening is becoming more popular due to the increased prices of produce at the market. It takes a little planning and effort initially, but once your garden is established it is a very rewarding pastime. Many of us are hooked on this activity. Plus there is no comparison to the improved taste of homegrown over store bought vegetables.

Whatever your particular warm weather passion, my hope is that you will find an answer to a question or an inspiration to try something new while you visit